Nicolas Cage Reflections

Well, it's over. And thank goodness it is. It's surprisingly been a rollercoaster ride, doing this Nicolas Cage project. First, we put up the posters. Before Thanksgiving break, we stuck them up in the stairwells, in the lobby, etc. The poster itself wasn't all that official-looking, which was done ON PURPOSE so as not to … Continue reading Nicolas Cage Reflections


8 Group Research Methods

As a group, we documented Openhym in several different ways. For one, we collected a paper-cut leaf from the fireplace. Second, we kept a Peanut M&Ms bag that my friend had bought for me at Op earlier that day (as evidence of the kindness of Openhym natives) Third, we found someone's traffic ticket, and took … Continue reading 8 Group Research Methods

Despite All My Rage, I Am Still Just Nicolas Cage

Think about it for a minute. Who, in a Hollywood dominated by pseudo-Greek-gods and former-Abercrombie models, does not represent traditional beauty? Who is real and dorky and, honestly, imperfect, when everyone wants you to think that you have to have the talent of Meryl Streep and the looks of a young Brad Pitt? The answer, … Continue reading Despite All My Rage, I Am Still Just Nicolas Cage

20 Proposals

ABSURD PERFORMANCE #1 Pool Game, sans pool equipment ABSURD PERFORMANCE #2 Put on oversized cardboard bobble heads and walk around main floor ABSURD PERFORMANCE #3 Have a sing-along involving only nonsense words to terrible tunes ABSURD PERFORMANCE #4 Pretend to be curious/confused birds walking around our floors of the building ABSURD PERFORMANCE #5 Put pictures … Continue reading 20 Proposals

Op, the Great and Powerful

Today, we were all assigned new groups--Yay! Fortunately for me, my entire group lives in the coolest residence hall on campus--Openhym (hereafter most likely referred to as Op). So, for our next generation of performances and other miscellaneous art projects, we decided there's no place like home! Openhym sits atop (well, aside) one of the many … Continue reading Op, the Great and Powerful