Lisa Klakulak

What a last name! Damn!

Aside from awesomeness in a namely fashion, I think Lisa Klakulak has solidified my desire to get REALLY into fiber arts in the near future, so watch out for that 😛

But in other news, check this stuff out!!

Constriction and Release, 2012

Made out of FELT, my friends! I didn’t believe it until I got a closer look, but once you get a close look, it’s definite. (also, she used steel as a skeleton for the piece, it’s not just freestanding, don’t worry!)

Transplant (detail), 2006

The detail work she achieves is incredible. Eyelashes, variation of color in the irises, the ridges of skin and bone between eye and eyebrow, just… wow.

Some of her final products are a little weird-looking for me, but I suppose there’s that cliche about art disturbing the comforted (I’m sick of hearing it, but whatever). Take, for example, Packaging, which features a creepy little alien baby hanging from pegboard.

Packaging, 2006

Just a little unsettling, no?

But, more relevant to my own upcoming project, she has this adorable little house. While my own house project won’t involve dyed wool or intricate detail like this (I’m going for a more minimalistic approach), I’d like to use this piece as a bit of inspiration.

Food is Life, 2009

She also makes some AWESOME brooches, scarves, and other “wearable” pieces that I wish I had the audacity to wear 🙂


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