Identity Project

Here’s my final identity project. For my Co:Lab class we had to create a project wherein we took a series of pictures of ourselves in a certain persona, played up to a more dramatic level. For me, it was a lot of fun trying on all different styles, but more about that in the process/reflections post. Here are a few of my favorite pictures (plus more to come once I get a hold of my friend’s camera card!)


This photo was one of my favorites, because it was taken AFTER the photo shoot where I was all costumed-up. It’s a nice compromise between retro-style (makeup), and my natural style (literary t-shirt, cardigan, Chinese-restaurant aesthetic). My roommate and I have begun referring to this makeup as the Wendy-Peffercorn look.



Here’s one unedited picture from my “goth” or “emo” photo set… I particularly like this one because I think it’s the only one where there’s no trace of smile on my face. It took a WHILE to get all that black eyeliner off of my mouth, though ;P


And, of course, I think this one is the most “me” of all the photos. Since I am, obviously, a wearer of many hats, I decided to try them on all at once. It took some clever stacking skills and quite a balancing act, but I eventually got it to work. The candid expression makes it even better, in my opinion, as does the fact that my face is bare of ANY makeup at all.

I’ll attach more “final-product” photos below so you all can see the different shots we got.

(special thanks to my good friends Gilly and Brian, who are behind the camera in these!)


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