Nicolas Cage Reflections

Well, it’s over. And thank goodness it is.

It’s surprisingly been a rollercoaster ride, doing this Nicolas Cage project.

First, we put up the posters. Before Thanksgiving break, we stuck them up in the stairwells, in the lobby, etc. The poster itself wasn’t all that official-looking, which was done ON PURPOSE so as not to have people too convinced that it was real. We left no specific time of day that he would be here, made the posters in black and white on regular copier paper, and didn’t get a stamp of approval (although we did check with an RA before we went ahead with the project). However, we’d later find out that a lot of people fell for it! But, more on that later.

The actual installing of the faces was a lot of fun! At 11:30 on Monday night, the team met up to put pictures of Nicolas Cage all over. It was a blast! We put them in windows, on doors, in bathroom stalls, on mirrors, staircases, walls, etc. Don’t worry, we took them down today.

However, the next day, we found that a lot of them had been taken down. Later on, Anya and I had a conversation with a cleaning lady in our building who didn’t realize we were behind the whole prank. She was hurt, angry, and upset because she’d believed the rumors to be true, and had actually called to have her kids taken out of school so that they could meet Nicolas Cage. When she found out it was all lies, she took down most of the faces and posters out of anger, and probably wanting to protect others from the same disappointment. The whole thing put a damper on the project, and I’m still not sure whether I’m solely guilty, or if I’m a little bit angry that she ruined the joke overall.

In other news, a lot of other people who believed it (I ran into several people who told me we’d gotten them 🙂 ) and were in good spirits about it all.

Then, today, we brought Nicolas Cage faces to Powell, and had people pose with a Nicolas Cage face and a reproduction of the Declaration of Independence (the poor man’s “National Treasure” cosplay).

Check out the photo gallery!


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