Despite All My Rage, I Am Still Just Nicolas Cage

Think about it for a minute. Who, in a Hollywood dominated by pseudo-Greek-gods and former-Abercrombie models, does not represent traditional beauty? Who is real and dorky and, honestly, imperfect, when everyone wants you to think that you have to have the talent of Meryl Streep and the looks of a young Brad Pitt?

The answer, my friends, is Nicolas Cage.

images-5 images-1

Nicolas Cage: A dreamboat of awkward facial expressions, goggling, soulless eyes, mediocre-at-best acting talent, and a most-famous role in National Treasure. Also that angel from the movie with Meg Ryan where they play that song by Goo Goo Dolls.


So, what better to do for a bunch of stressed, exhausted, somewhat miserable college kids than to have Nicolas Cage gaze into their very heart of hearts at every corner they turn?



Go to the bathroom, who’s staring at you while you take your morning pee? NICOLAS CAGE. Walk to your room, put your key in the lock, look up and who’s staring at you, waiting for you to open the door? NICOLAS CAGE. Sitting around, doing your laundry, and who’s there to keep you company? NICOLAS. FREAKING. CAGE.


Not only will this serve to freak people out a little, it’s also quite comforting. No matter how bad you’ve got it, you’re not Nicolas Cage. And he’s not ACTUALLY staring at you like that.

images(well, maybe he’s staring at you a little bit right here…)

Remember, this is all done in the spirit of Absurdity.


We’re trying to be a bit foolish and goofy here. And let’s face it, we all know people will be confused and VERY amused. How could you not be, with that gawky, impossible-to-take-seriously face all over creation? It’ll brighten people’s days as well as leave them wondering.


It’ll be best to do install this piece late at night, so that when people wake in the morning, they’ll have no clue how Nicolas appeared all over the place.

We’ll leave them up for a few days, and record people’s reactions to Good ol’ Nic, as well as see if they interact (i.e. draw on the faces, rip them down, etc…)

It’ll be fun to watch it all play out.

Also, if you’re feeling nervous or stressed, just remember:



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