8 Group Research Methods

As a group, we documented Openhym in several different ways.

For one, we collected a paper-cut leaf from the fireplace.

Second, we kept a Peanut M&Ms bag that my friend had bought for me at Op earlier that day (as evidence of the kindness of Openhym natives)


Third, we found someone’s traffic ticket, and took some pictures (I’ve erased out info that would give away the person’s ID)

Fourth, we surveyed people on what their favorite part of Openhym is. Our responses were:

“It’s where my BED is!”

“Oh, f*ck!”

“How close it is to my job… I’m not gonna say the wifi, or anything, cause that’s sh*t.”

“Nothing. I’m moving to the Brick.”


“I don’t have a favorite thing.”

“The showers.”

“I’m not sure. It’s my second year here, so that should tell you something, though.”

“Ping-Pong Table.”

“I dunno.”

“The RAs.”

“My Roommate.”

“I love the people who live here.”

Fifth, we counted the stairs. Fifty to a side, making 100 total stairs in Op. But for me, it’s just those gosh-darn fifty I have to take to get to my room.

Sixth, Alessio’s drone camera came in handy, and we got a video of what it would be like to fly around Openhym.

Seventh, we timed how long it takes to get to our rooms. It took me, personally, 57 seconds (being the only one who lives on the third floor, it took me significantly longer than it takes the others).

And eighth, we counted how many dorm rooms in the building, and found it to be approximately 97, though we might be off by a couple (art students–not so good with the math.)


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