10 Forms of Research (individual)

Well, it’s been a week full of researching Openhym, world’s happiest dorm hall. In my travels, I’ve taken 10 forms of individual documentation to see what my building is all about.

1:img_8874Here’s a sketch I did of the leg of a coffee table that’s in the room of couches and the TV. The leg seemed much more intricate until I drew it and realized it’s pretty simple in terms of shape.

2:img_8875Here’s a sketch of the view you get looking from the couch room into the main lobby. A good view of the pool table and a great way to see who’s coming in/out.


I took a tally of who came in and left the building for forty minutes. Get ready, people, Openhym’s filling up fast! Only eight people left, while fourteen came in, putting us at a net-gain of six people.

4:img_8871img_8872Found this old payphone, which was sad and abandoned. Just goes to show how obsolete things can be… Once this was a kid’s best method of communicating with home, and now it’s just forgotten.

5: img_8870In case you didn’t know how to do your own laundry, Op’s got you covered! I used these very specific, intricate directions to do my laundry the other day, and my clothes all came out clean and dry! It works!

6:img_8868I found this typo on a poster. ADOPTS-a-family. NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT ADOPT’S!!!! O, grammar, why hath the world abandoned thee?


I made a list of the different types of flooring throughout Openhym, and they are as follows: linoleum(dorms, main floors), rubber(stairs), stone(entrance/pit), concrete(laundry room), square tile(bathrooms. Plus, rugs in student rooms.


Busy and Slow times for going in and out, defined by the number of people you see, how willing they are to talk to you, how many people are hanging out in the main lobby, etc.

Busy: weekend nights, mid-afternoon weekdays, mid-morning weekdays

Slow: Early morning (weekdays and weekends), late night weeknights, mid-afternoon weekends, mid-morning weekends


I tested the vending machines. Slot 146 on the food machine wasn’t working. The Milky Ways are stale. The Diet Coke was LONG since expired last week. four different spots in the drink machine are empty, but I’ve seen as high as nine empty slots.


Took a video, watching the front doors of Op during a typically slow period of the day to see how much does/doesn’t happen.


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