Op, the Great and Powerful

Today, we were all assigned new groups–Yay! Fortunately for me, my entire group lives in the coolest residence hall on campus–Openhym (hereafter most likely referred to as Op). So, for our next generation of performances and other miscellaneous art projects, we decided there’s no place like home!

Openhym sits atop (well, aside) one of the many hills of Alfred, which gives us a beautiful view of the whole campus. Op is notorious for its STAIRS SO MANY MANY STAIRS (I should know, I live on the third floor–which is really the fourth floor). We’ve got two floors of girls, one of guys, and a main floor with not only a pool table, but a ping-pong table as well! AND a separate room with couches and a TV to boot!

img_8837(this is what it feels like to climb all those stairs after a hard day of work).

Seeing as Op is home to many many students on campus, it’ll give us ample opportunity to study the human condition as we go through a series of performance pieces, two of which I shall propose right now:

First off, we’d like to throw a tea party on the main floor one night. Probably using the ping-pong table covered in a simple white sheet, we’ll bring our own tea, plates, fancy clothes (optional) and classical music to have an afternoon of highbrow conversation and see how people react. It’s an interesting way of seeing how the typical college kid reacts to something that’s, well, not your typical college kid’s drink of choice. As for how to prepare for this performance, we’ll need to measure out the ping-pong table, and if we know we can’t use that, we’ll have to check out the smaller study table that’s also available. Checking with an RA or two beforehand is also a good way of testing whether it’ll be socially acceptable, and we can also ask them when the area is most highly-trafficked so we can be sure to schedule the event for a time when it’ll be most public.

Second off, we want to do a coffee-house type event (involving only our four group members as participants) where we’ll play music, maybe even read some cringe-worthy slam poetry, and wait for people to ask if we got lost on our way to Moka Joka. This would more likely be a nighttime activity, and again, asking RA’s for some tips on where to be/when to be there would be some key info. We’ll also want to see if we can access some kind of speaker system so that we can make our presence known!

Here’s a not-at-all-to-scale, hand-drafted map of Openhym by Yours Truly, incase you want to get a feel of our main floor:

img_8840(ignore that there art history textbook–it’s been a long day and my desk isn’t exactly neat and tidy at the moment).

For more performance ideas to take place in Op, please see:





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