Zine? What’s a Zine?

Pshhhht, that’s easy! It’s just a slang term for magazine, right?


A zine, my friends, is the weird, sketchy, hipster-cousin of our familiar friend the magazine. It’s of no particular size, shape, color, or quantity. It’s indie, it’s full of poetry that doesn’t rhyme, and it prides itself on how artsy it is. Sometimes, it annoys you with things like pop-ups that stop it from closing properly, pages of varying sizes that make it impossible to set down, put in a book bag, on a bookshelf, etc. It demands attention.

But that’s a good thing!

How, you might be asking, did I involve myself in the world of zines? Well, our Miller PAC group of artsy artists has taken it upon itself to make a zine of our very own.

The process? You get a building, make a performance, make a set of directions about the performance, make a zine based on those, and make ONE GRAND BEAUTIFUL MASTER ZINE based on THAT zine. But more on that in my post about the process!

Our group in particular wound up with a zine of 8-1/2 by 11 paper pages, sandwiched in between two collage-drawings of Miller itself, bound with thread (and lots of love and care). It tells the story (very very loosely, might I add) of A Revolution from Start to Finish, involving a collection of clone-like, red-vested humans who break free, start a fight, hide from the authorities, win with a round of applause, spread the love, but eventually, once peace resettles, resort to the same, mindless following with which they began (Orwellian, I know).



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