Oh Dear, How Ever Did You Pull That Off?

What, making a Zine? That old thing? No trouble at all!

Our group is a lot of independent-minded hard-workers, so we found it best that, to produce a zine all together, best not to work TOO together. We sat around and came up with an idea, based on zines we’d previously made in class. One of those zines being a set of instructions for a Revolution from Start to Finish.

Taking this idea and running with it, we decided to take that set of instructions and turn it into a story, instead, and have that story be told within the walls of Miller PAC (back cover designed by yours truly).

Assigning a chapter of the revolution to each member (clones, fight, hide, applaud, love, clones again), and giving the remaining two members the responsibility of front and back cover, we broke!

When we came together again today, we marveled at the diverse collection of art-making methods we’d all used. Acrylic paint, collage, paper-cut, copying/scanning, drawing, sketching, pop-ups, etc. WOW! What great things happen when we all work together(ish).

Again, my phone is being a butthead, so pictures will follow shortly!


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