Get Your Tickets Today!

(Just kidding, no tickets required). BUT, this IS the right place to be if you want to hear our genius distribution plan for the Master Zine of Miller PAC Team 2016!

When you think about Miller, you think about the theater. When you think about the theater, you think about a show. When you think about a show, you think about flyer after flyer after flyer advertising a show that only happens one time!

So, what better way to advertise a zine than to have flyer after flyer after flyer for but one copy of a zine?

We came up with a poster design–simple, elegant, black and white, clearly informative yet still illustrating the spirit of the team.

Rather than making a million copies of our zine, we’ll make a million (not literally, we still want trees to exist) copies of our flyer, and post those all around campus. Keep your eyes peeled! Powell, Ade, residence halls, Harder Hall, ANYWHERE is fair game! Come and see our zine! Limited time only!


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