Miller on the Weekend

Visiting Miller, I’ve realized it’s possibly the most relaxing place on campus (although the theatre majors may beg to differ). I found myself an empty practice room, and brought my ukulele (hereafter referred to as Yorick) on Saturday, then my banjolele (hereafter referred to as Benvolio) today.

Yesterday was a perfect day to “jam” (is it considered jamming when you’re too quiet for the video camera to pick up on your singing voice?), with the overcast chill of morning, the hum of the heating unit at the window, the cool light filtering through clouds and the soundproof doors ensuring that no one could hear how out-of-practice I am. Yorick and I had a pretty great concert, attended by exactly no one, full of clumsy chord progressions and my aforementioned too-quiet singing. One of these days I’ll work up the courage to actually post a video of myself singing (and hopefully someone out there will have worked up the courage to put up with listening to me).

Today, unfortunately, was a bit more crowded with some last-minute pianists, and though the weather was warmer, the heating unit didn’t cool off at all, making the room a bit too hot, but the amazing Sara Hake and I still managed to have a good time singing along with Benvolio, taking notes on the little details of the room (scuff on the floor in the shape of a comma, etc.) and enjoying the peaceful break from the rest of our busy, homework-filled weekend.

It would seem that these practice rooms are my new go-to spot, as it’s interesting to see them change from day to day, even hour to hour, as people filter in and out, the sounds of piano come and go underneath the cracks of the doors, and everyone learns to appreciate yet another kind of art.


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